29 September 2016

West Coast Dream

The wind was blowing that afternoon as we crested the coastal hill to view what lays ahead for tomorrow's paddle.

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Johan Wirsen offered us to test two new kayak he recently designed: the Rebel Husky and Big Dog.
We were now paddling the West Coast of Sweden, North of Gothenburg towards the Norwegian border.
We mounted sails onto the decks for added fun hoping that the wind will push us along.

*This video is a follow up on the theme: I have a Dream


  1. Thank you.
    I have been "away" from this space but not from the sea. I have not bought a new kayak in almost a year and things are quiet in the tinkering shed.
    I have stopped recording my local outings as I find the events monotonous and content was getting, how should I say it, old?
    When I travel to new places there is a fresh outlook at where I am and what I am experiencing, worthy of capturing the footage.
    In my backyard I no longer care to record on-water but rather spend time with my camera on shore.
    My creative energy has shifted to photography with adapted vintage lenses where having the time to compose leads to different images. My best efforts are now published here http://gnarlydogviews.blogspot.com.au/

  2. Like Tony said.. :-)
    Finally a new video. I was following your photography blog too.

    1. Jani, thank you for your interest.
      Admittedly producing a video for me requires a lot of work, production and post-production. Editing alone to get the perfect timing between scene and music while creating a story is very tiring. The more I do it the more I want to be a perfectionist, verging on becoming a chore and no longer that much fun. That's why there has been a long gap in between releases.
      Still photography is occupying me even more but somehow most images are a self contained projects that mentally I can tackle easier without having to create a story line without having to script the outcome. Where I used to spend an incredible amount of effort creating mounts for my video footage now my time is taken up by adapting old lenses that were never designed to be adapted. Less fibre-glassing, more "watchmaking" precision work: the goal remains the same tho, to create visual content that evokes emotions.

  3. Will rebel kayaks be available in Australia anytime soon?

    1. not sure; I am not involved in distribution nor design, just happy to paddle them when given the opportunity :-)

  4. Hey there, Damion. I have noted that several blogs (that never approached your's for content) seem to have stopped adding content, much to the chagrin of those of us not able to get on the water. Sad, but understandable that the "same-old" has become to onerous to keep up with. Not to mention, I believe the kayaking industry as a whole has peaked and is on the decline as less passionate paddlers are selling off their gear and moving to simpler pursuits. I just returned to Connecticut from a year in Colorado (landlocked) so have just reconnected with the ocean, thankfully. I may even re-establish my "Eclectic Kayaker" blog if I can must up the effort. Thank you for all of your posts/videos/tips and tricks over the last several years. I will check back occasionally for new content and revel in it when I find it. Best, Scott L

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      I am not sure if the blogs that you visit are loosing steam or is just that the whole sport has peaked.
      As with anything there is initial momentum and excitement that eventually fades and sometimes it comes back.
      For me this blog was a combination of sharing my technical findings and a bit of eye-candy to not make it too boring.
      I have shifted some of my interest into serious photography, something that I used to do professionally, but now with new-found inspiration since I am no longer tied by clients' constraints where sharpness in images was the ultimate goal. I prefer the artistic interpretation in photography.
      As I do much less tinkering innovation now I realize that there were several paddlers (and people in the industry) interested in my rants.
      However I see no point in continuing updating the site with possibly mundane articles (even rehashed); I am not making any money from it so there is no real reward apart for the occasional feedback.
      Things might change in the future but for now unless there is something really out of the ordinary I won't bother posting.
      Thank you your interest.


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