26 April 2012

VIDEO: wave dump recovery

The wind subsided but the swell was still there. Myself and Johan Wirsen wanted to have a closer look at waves smashing onto rocks but misjudged the sets.

select 720p if you have fast internet connection
It would have been wise to wear some helmets but we didn't have them with us on this mini-expedition. After this little incident we distanced ourselves from the rocks and went sailing instead (video coming soon)
For full story of the trip click HERE


19 April 2012

Photo: playing at sunset


As the sun was setting we didn't want to miss the last opportunity for some paddling before dinner.

Johan at sunset_or_c
Johan Wirsen playing in Queensland tropical waters

17 April 2012

Inspired by GnarlyDog News?

A recent YouTube video has been brought to my attention where a paddler performs a similar balancing act to my recent guest Geggamoja video .
In "Sea Kayak Video Production" video a happy paddler with remarkable balance tries to stand on the deck of his kayak.

stand balance2
YouTube screen-shot

I then read his accompanying description on the video where he says:

>>It usually takes several years dedicated to paddle before being
able to balance standing in a kayak.
Some of us, probably, they will never (like me),
others do not see any purpose,
just like some people do not see any reason to learn how to roll a kayak.
I admire these kayakers able to handle the kayak with ways so
graceful .....
able to communicate with a few simple steps ...
real Guru can teach all of us ...

Wait a minute... those words sound familiar!
In my post I write:

It usually takes a few years of dedicated paddling to be able to balance standing in a narrow beam kayak. Some of us will probably never get it (like myself) and some will see no point in it.
Just like some see no reason for learning how to roll a kayak or master more than a sketchy combat roll, I admire paddlers that can finesse the boat with graceful strokes.

Have I inspired people across the pond, all the way to Italy, to mimic Geggamoja video and copy my text?
Should I think that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?
If nothing else, at least it has inspired people to have a go and make it fun :-)


10 April 2012

Photo: the designer of the kayaks

It has been an honor to host world class kayak designer and boat builder Johan Wirsen from Sweden.
Johan Wirsen is the man behind the brilliant design of two of our favorite kayaks: the Tahe Greenland and the Zegul 520.
He paddles those two kayaks back in Sweden and he obviously felt very comfortable when borrowing ours.
Johan is a very good paddler and roller and we had a quick session on the shore of Redcliffe. He was all smiles still incredulous of how warm our waters are; as he left Sweden a week ago the ice had just melted!
Forward ending rolls with a Norsaq were particularly interesting.

Johan Wirsen in Tahe Greenland_c
Johan Wirsen paddling Stika's Greenland
We took the opportunity to spectate the start of the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race from the water, in a kayak.

Johan and Stika_c
Johan and Stika waiting for the sailing boats


03 April 2012

VIDEO: backsurfing with a stick

I am gaining confidence with my Northern Light Greenland paddle and slowly I have improved my maneuverability in small surf. From the small shore break I have progressed to something just a bit more challenging.

select 720p if you have fast Internet connection
I still have not had the opportunity (and the courage) to tackle large waves and I am working on edging my kayak when the world slides backwards.
In the meantime I am learning how to control my kayaks when surfed in reverse and avoid being broached too soon.
The thrill of not seeing where I am going and the fear of getting pitched stern deep into the water compensates for my lame technique. This play-boating teaches me timing and body-weight shift to maximize the free ride.
Would a rudder help me?