23 October 2013

Photo: Seal Cove camp

The soft warm light of the long evening produced again a spectacular sunset; the early storm was long gone. There was no rush in preparing dinner to avoid cooking with headlamp as darkness would come after we had already retired to our tents. Laying on the polished rock we exchanged paddling stories: my tropical sandy beaches compared to Scandinavian granite labyrinth. I was still surprised that I managed to meet up with Pia and Erik on the water among so many islands that all looked the same.
As we were sipping our best moonshine a black head appeared bobbing in the little bay. A seal was trying to catch her dinner. Then she looked at us intently as trying to figure out what we were, the colorful kayaks maybe confused her.

Fish camp sunset_c


03 October 2013

VIDEO: Magic Island

Lost on the Swedish East coast archipelago there is an place that I named Magic Island.
The early afternoon thunderstorm cleared and the sky was now promising a colorful sunset.
We went for a walk.

view it in full screen, full HD (1080p) if you have broadband Internet connection

Non esitono distanze, ma solo posti diversi in cui ritrovarsi_ Emilio Averga
(There is no such thing as distance apart, just more places where we can meet.)