03 September 2015

Photo: camp at Japanese Gardens

After one of the most intense days of paddling and sailing in swell against rebound against high cliffs the sheltered camp location we found was stunning.
The carefully arranged although natural setting of little ponds and low vegetation reminded me the look of Japanese gardens.

Aland sunset_4_c
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Polished granite slabs make camping easy as nothing gets dirty while sitting down and dinner can be had without sand in it.
Sunset only came very late and was not fully dark when we finally retired for the night.
Sea kayaking at very high latitudes has its advantages even if sea temperatures are not as balmy as back in Queensland.



  1. Beautiful! Hard spot for tent pegs though *lol*

    Tony :-)


  2. I can almost feel how it feels under the wonderful sky ...amazing.....!!

  3. Hello:)) have you been in Oslo? You should really visit the westcoast. You would love to paddle here:))
    Take care U:))

    1. Jill, I plan to be in Oslo at the end of July. I hear that is a wonderful place to paddle and I plan to be on the water for a few weeks, camping.

    2. Have a great time in Oslo Gnarlydog:)))

  4. Beautiful sky, awesome view. I am going to plan a trip for Japanese gardens as soon as possible.


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