15 January 2014

VIDEO: Never Ending Fun in Moreton Bay

Once a year I edit a video of my best footage of sea kayaking in Moreton Bay, Queensland. No surfing ocean swell, no remote granite islands, no seal colonies and no dry suits here. The paddling fun is not far away and, even if I don’t live close enough to the bay for a quick morning paddle, most weekends are spend paddling and sea kayak sailing in the warm waters of my local pond.

I love a windy day where I can challenge myself on a few small waves sprinting to catch a short ride, sometimes aided by a sail.
I find calm waters more challenging than textured ones and paddling on a mirror-surface sea is not my thing. When tidal flow opposes the wind conditions mimic a small tidal race: I can paddle in one direction and surf while making very little ground. The waves don’t usually spill although they don’t last like in a real tidal race. Of course all the rough stuff is in name of training for real challenging conditions that I might find myself in when on an extended trip.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful video!!!

    Quite fun with friends, that's what really matters!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sweet! Beautiful! Sigh . . . wow! Another masterpiece. Cheers from Canada!

  3. Inspiring and clever video Damiano.
    If you were trying to convey the fun that can be had paddling in Moreton Bay you succeeded in spades.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Every time I watch one of your videos, I can't stop smiling and I get more creases around my old eyes!

  5. Damiano what is the PFD you are wearing I think it have a"rebel" logo on it? Thanks

    1. Chris, the PFD I am wearing is a prototype Rebel Kayaks branded one. If you like your Tahe Greenland look up Rebel Kayaks: Johan Wirsen (the designer of the Greenland) has now his own brand which is so much better than from the previous manufacturer. Stay tuned for a full blog article in the near future....

    2. Cheers mate, I look forward to reading about it. I have been watching the exciting developments from Rebel, but I had no idea they were also experimenting with gear.


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