26 January 2014

Photo: rolling on Australia Day

Downunder we are celebrating Australia Day.
From barbecues in the park to a party at the backyard pool, in the cities and at the beach it is Australia's big day and a long week-end to boot .
My favourite way to celebrate and cool off on this January day is to be on the water, sometimes in in.

NLP GP white_1_c

The wind kept most of the motorized watercrafts away from my favourite paddling spot.
The light clouds were a welcome screen for the harsh sun.
Life is good in Queensland.



  1. That was a cool photo, is it a "selfie"?
    When I see it I`m looking forward to the summer here in Norway, I`m going out padling later today in 50 cm of snow and it is snowing just now.

    1. It is a selfie; I can't get somebody to take a picture like this 3 km from shore. Very brave to be motivated to go out paddling while it's snowing; respect.

  2. Yes, life is good even on crappy days. The alternative is not very appealing! Great shot.

    Tony :-)

  3. Coooool!!! Here in Southern Brazil we`re also in very hot conditions. Some days ago, 40 degrees at shadow... please come, Winter! :)


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