11 October 2011

VIDEO: true artist

I have come across this video of Warren Williamson Greenland rolling the new Pygmy Murrelet.
This guy really has incredible skills.

Warren is a true artist at his craft and can execute Greenland rolls with finesse that is just jaw dropping.
As well as being such a smooth roller Warren can also rip it up in tidal races, not to forget him trailing just behind Wayne Horodowich in speed races, all done with a GP.



  1. Hi Gnarls-
    That's a sweet video, and I echo your sentiment that Warren is a true artist with a paddle. My favorite Warren Wilson video is one shot at Deception Pass when a 20 knot wind was opposing a 6.6 knot current. He's paddling solo and the water is, well, it's just huge.

    One of the things I love about that video is the amazing contrast between a large ship plowing through the same waves in which Warren appears so totally relaxed and at home. Talk about seaworthy! To my eye, it’s a beautiful demonstration of everything that’s marvelous and wonderful about these amazing, tiny boats; in the hands of a skilled paddler, they just dance.

    Warren is a great proponent of sculling; in particular, using it as a key component of rolling. On Wayne Hodorowitz's University of Sea Kayaking site http://www.useakayak.org/, there's a really lovely and inspirational article by Warren that's appropriately entitled "Rolling My Kayak". It's in the Library section under the topic Rolling.

    The beauty of the article is that Warren describes his own personal evolution in rolling, beginning at the point where he started to learn his first roll. It's not a long piece, but it does a great job of conveying his respect for the beauty and utility of Greenland rolls, and the fact that he started as a beginner, just like everyone else. He also makes this comment: In my opinion, you can never practice the sculling brace enough." Check it out.
    Moulton Avery

  2. Moulton, I remember watching the Deception pass video and it was good to see it again: serious stuff!
    Great article by Warren on USK!
    I like this comment of his too: "Working on Greenland rolls or training rolls, will really help your rolling skills over all"
    So true.


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