20 October 2011

Photo: balanced brace

Balance brace with NLP_1
Adveturetess just floating and stretching her back.
The balanced brace is the foundation to many Greenland rolls.
Once a paddler masters the balance brace he/she can roll with so much more grace using the body to turn the boat, not the resistance or momentum offered by the paddle or hand.
Unfortunately I am not flexible enough to balance brace and  my Butterfly rolls are performed with force and momentum with plenty of support from the paddle.



  1. What a beautiful and perfect balance brace! I can balance brace on the right side of my boat, but not the left . . . yet. And I still can't roll! I thought learning the balance brace would help me, but so far, it has just made me a calmer more patient paddler as I failed roll attempt after roll attempt during my last - and maybe it will be my last rolling lesson. I enjoy balance bracing though. It is very relaxing and gives you an awesome connection to your boat, your body, and the water.


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