12 July 2009

Kayak deck: snow dome.

Modern sea kayak are every year more and more sophisticated.
Manufacturers are offering all sorts of interesting and sometimes thoughtful design additions to their kayaks.
While most kayak hulls are proven designs and some have been around for decades, most changes are happening to the deck of the kayak.
Day hatches (3rd hatch) are almost a must these days with occasional 4th hatch appearing on some kayaks.
Manufacturers are designing a lot of profiled lines and ridges to increase the strength of the deck and still have a light kayak.

Some kayaks have dimples for paddle float rescues, some have protruding dimples to fit your knees... dimples everywhere.
I also have noticed a recess up front on British style kayaks.
It looks like a rather deep dimple right in front of the forward hatch.
People often ask me what that dimple is for and finally I have found a great use for it.
Not sure what the original design was intended for but it's the perfect location for a snow dome.
WHAT? a snow dome?
I don’t know, but it looks like the perfect accessory that no kayak should be without.
I think that a snow dome is just the ticket.
You know that it should snow at least once every time you go out for a paddle... :-)

I found this great snow dome that allows a picture of your choice to be inserted into the plastic bubble. That's were I have stuck a photograph of my bitch and she smiles at me every time I look at her.

My bitch’s name is Foof. She is an Australian Sheppard that unfortunately I had to leave behind once I moved away from USA.
The picture in the snow dome shows Foof on an adventure in the High Sierra:


  1. That's great!
    Thanks for making me smile! :)




  2. John, at least you understand sarcasm when you see it :-)


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