21 July 2009

Destinations: Lake Cootharaba

Every so often I like to mix up my paddling.
While the open sea it's often exciting and offers opportunities for getting the best traits out of my British style kayaks occasionally I enjoy the calm waters of a lake.
It's a different kind of paddling.
It's more food for the soul instead of adrenaline for my heart.
I enjoyed a particular early morning paddle (I'm no early riser) with rather nippy temps of just a few degrees above freezing.
The water was very calm and the light was soft and warm.
There was nobody else around but my paddling friends.
Suddenly the hardship :-) of getting up before dawn melted away and I longed no more my warm sleeping bag.

Silently I paddled on the glassy water with my Greenland paddle trying to make no noise so as not to disturb the magical morning...

Sunrise sticking_lg (c)

Paddling with Elverpaddle (c)

Sunrise sticking_2_lg (c)


  1. Wow! Those colours! A really nice photo. Those early mornings or late nights are the best!

  2. Galen Rowell work has inspired and thought me to take advantage of the "golden hour".
    Here in Queensland is very difficult to have the perfect lighting for a sunset/sunrise any time of the year but in winter.
    Lower latitudes offer more frequent opportunities for such conditions.


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