03 June 2015

VIDEO: Restocking supplies on expedition in the Baltic

Paddling a sea kayak along the archipelago of the Swedish Baltic coast required occasional restocking when on a 5 week trip.
Drinking water was available on most inhabited islands where a hand pump was most times operational. Only on the outer skerries we had to carry water for several days.
Food could be had on some larger islands but Rödlöga topped them all.
The little village had a green-grass square with a children's swing hanging from its large tree.
The shop owner is a very happy passionate man that loves his work.

you can view this video at 1080p

The attached bakery and coffee house was incredibly busy with customers, considering the island is tiny with a small population. Sitting outside under the shade of the large "main square" trees and watching the relaxed atmosphere of the unpretentious locals was like stepping back in time.
Children would play and run freely without overbearing parents fearing that they might get dirty.
The local dress code seemed to be short fashionable gum boots and the occasional life jacket, worn at all times, even at the cafe. Then I realized that just about all of them were sailors that came in the morning to get a java fix. The little harbor was abuzz with beautiful small sailing boats; motor boats were rare and jet-skis not existent :-)

Unfortunately this year my expedition route will not be in Sweden but in Finland. I would love to stop again at Rödlöga.



  1. Another enjoyable video Gnarly. You appear to be including a little "civilization" in to your expeditioning. Subtle influence of your paddling buddy I guess. All for the good!!

  2. Peter, civilization is a necessary evil when I am trying to disconnect and be far away from people. If I could carry supplies for all 5 weeks I would, but then again I could not have fresh pastries.
    Trust me, I am the happiest away from the things that everyday city life gives me and I cherish the "make-do" that independent unsupported sea kayaking brings: a sense of adventure.


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