02 April 2015

Video: I Have A Dream

Some dream of power, some dream of money.
Some dream of a slimmer waist and a bigger chest, some dream to have more hair on their head.
Some dream of a fast red car or those pretty shoes they saw in the window...
My dream is different.

reward yourself with full screen viewing in high definition on a larger screen, this one was not meant for mobile devices...

My dream is to be lost in a sea of islands, midnight sun and good friends.
A place where I don't need to keep time or answer my phone, no updates and no "likes".
And then the presence of mind to take it all in.



  1. And to be able to do all those things without a guide; priceless. Great video!

    Tony :-)

    1. I would not choose to go on an trip like this if a guide was involved. The only time I can see myself using one would be mountaineering or in a hostile area where "the local" would grant passage. Being on a guided tour just takes away the whole idea of "being lost" and robs me of decision making opportunities that make the whole dream possible.

  2. Wow, Thanks for sharing it.

  3. But it looks really like a great evening!!! :))) And i agree " its great to be lost when you are going the right direction " :)))

    Take care u:))

  4. Wow Gnarly, that was magnificent! I haven't visited for a while as I've been spending less time paddling and more time outdoors with my kids... but that was simply stunning. I like this dream of yours. :) Cheers, FP

  5. flight ticket has already been bought for another "dream": I am going back again in August. Meeting with local Finnish paddlers too this time.


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