02 April 2014

VIDEO: Swedish Baltic coast

It rained all day and the wind was blowing hard from the land as we paddled to a remote island to meet with Pia and Erik. All we had was a name for a location that was marked on our map, no other details.
We were not sure if our friends would show up: conditions were not that great for camping.
In the afternoon the rain eased and the clouds parted to reveal a colorful sunset. Shortly after our friends landed to then join us for a few days on our 4 weeks expedition along the Swedish Baltic coast.

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I love the outer islands of the Stockholm archipelago with their polished granite shores.
The sensual shapes are very inspiring luring me back to experience them again.
This summer (Northern hemisphere) I will be kayaking again in the rocky labyrinth, possibly crossing to Finland.

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  1. Hi!
    Welcome to Sweden again. I Think our archipelago is very unique. I´ve been a lot there during my years in the Swedish Navy. Love it.

    1. funny you mention the Swedish Navy. We had one of their fast boats follow us closely for a Kilometre one day as we were sailing in our sea kayaks. First I thought they will stop us and ask for ID or something. I am sure one of the guys was filming us as they probably have not seen that set up before. Many sailors and paddlers were very interested in our sails and some checked them out thoroughly. With so many sailing boats in the archipelago I am surprised that kayak sailing is not popular.

  2. Wow. Another awesome video and story that leaves me at a loss for words. Thanks for that! Cheers from Canada.

  3. That was some really nice days! You look so pleased and happy in the video, and that´s what I remember from those days. And also you bursting out –"WOW" several times :D
    Love to see you again.

  4. Hi Damiano. Great video. You were dead right. That area looks like kayak heaven for anyone who wishes to explore.
    Look forward to catching up.


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