20 December 2012

White Christmas paddling

It's 92F (33C) in the shade and the sea is just perfectly bath-tub warm. The sun is right above my head and I need to roll to cool down.
While at the other end of the world, at a pond where I grew up, my friend's paddling

Reflection_Marco Ferrario

River Mera, tributary to Lake Como, Italy. Photo courtesy of Marco Ferrario/Eko.



  1. I can see why he's still paddling! Thanks for posting this awesome shot. You must miss this place. It's another cool destination to put on the list to visit some day.

  2. WOW, what a picture! Merry Chritmas!

  3. So many wonderful places on Earth... Your childhood friend is a lucky man.

    1. Although Marco is not my childhood friend, he is a lucky man, in many ways. He is lucky to have such a beautiful location to paddle but I think he s mostly lucky to have the spirit to go outside when most folk would just shake their head. And because of that he experiences this beauty.

    2. Spectacular! There are two choices in winter: look out at the world from the comfort inside and lament the cold or get out there and do it. Its just a matter of dressing appropriately.

      Tony :-)

  4. Vi racconto la breve storia di questa fotografia, scattata solo 5 giorni fa.
    Qui nell'emisfero nord, l'inverno inizierà domani, ma la fotografia è già molto invernale.
    In mattinata, insieme all'amico che vedete in kayak, ho pagaiato per un paio di ore avvolto da una spessa coltre di nebbia.
    Poi, qua e la, i primi squarci nel cielo permettono di scorgere alcune vette alpine, mentre sull'acqua la coltre bianca lentamente si dirada.
    A mezzogiorno, finalmente, il panorama si apre completamente sulle nostre Alpi, che qui superano i 3000 metri di quota (Pizzo Badile 3.308 m.).
    L'assenza di vento e di altre imbarcazioni ha trasformato la superficie dell'acqua in uno specchio di una sorprendente perfezione.
    Ci siamo così ritrovati, come in un sogno, a navigare sui nostri monti.
    La temperatura in fondo alla valle era di -6c°, molto diversa dai 33c° australiani, ma anche noi eravamo all'ombra, :-)) all'ombra di magnifici giganti alpini.
    Mi è parso bello inviare questa immagine di Bianco Natale all'amico Gnarlydog e lo ringrazio per averla girata a tutti i lettori e gli amici del pianeta.
    Buone Feste
    Marco Ferrario

    1. Translation:
      I'll tell you the short story of this photograph, taken just five days ago.
      Here in the Northern hemisphere, the winter will start tomorrow, but the picture is already winter like.
      In the morning, with my friend that you see in the kayak, I paddled for a couple of hours wrapped in a thick blanket of fog.
      Then, here and there, the first glimpses of the sky allowed a view of some mountain peaks, while the white blanket on the water slowly evaporated.
      At noon, finally, the view opened up completely on our Alps, which here exceed 3000 meters (Pizzo Badile 3308 m.).
      The absence of wind and other craft transformed the surface of the water in a mirror of a surprising perfection.
      So we found ourselves, as in a dream, to paddle on our mountains.
      The temperature in the valley was-6c °, very different from the Australian 33c °, but we too were in the shade, :-)) in the shade of magnificent mountain giants.
      I thought I would be nice to send this image of a White Christmas to my friend Gnarlydog and I thank him for having it published for all the readers and friends of the planet.

  5. Hello,
    my name is Marco, and i am the kayaker in the photo.

    I think to be a very lucky man because i live near the lake of Como and, above all, because i know people as Marco Ferrario.

    1. YOU had a really good and wonderful moments there.
      Merry Christmas to you too:)

  6. Beautiful image, beautiful story. thank you for sharing it with us.
    Happy holidays


  7. Oh my holy spirit what an amazing pic!!! I really want to be there!!! I envy your friend :)
    Have a happy padling Christmas Gnarly:)))

  8. Hi! Jill linked your blog.
    Holy Christ what a picture......amazing .......
    Merry Christmas!


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