10 May 2011

VIDEO: Capricornia Coast_part1

The weather gods were smiling on us for the Easter break Capricornia coast extended sea kayak trip.
In the days leading up to the trip the forecast predicted increasing and possible strong winds the following week.
Believing we could handle the forecast conditions and armed with good preparation and knowledge of each others skills we set sail for some exciting kayaking.

if you have fast Internet connection select 720p to view it in HD
The islands were mainly deserted and very few other water crafts were about. In the early days of the trip the swell was not yet large enough to prevent close-up exploration of the rocky coast that is so different than my usual paddling environment.
Being in a small group allowed us to quickly amend plans as the weather changed and we enjoyed the more challenging condition.
If only we could paddle in demanding environment like that more often to further our skills...

Part 2 coming soon


  1. Beautiful Gnarly! I liked the bumpy bits in the first half especially. :)

  2. I know you like it bumpy :-)
    There is more to come in Part 2...

  3. I was impressed at how easy it is to deploy the sail, and you guys really haul.

    The Capricornia coast looks like a place I'd love to visit.

    Nice shooting and editing.

  4. I would be honored to be your host Eric. I can hook you up with kayaks with sails but no "radical" moves in the rocks with those, OK? :-)
    The sails are Flat Earth Sails (and a blue/yellow DIY). Very easy to deploy, efficient and great fun.

  5. Thank you Gnarlydog for your generous offer. Jim Kakuk may con me into going with him on his Oz2 trip next year from Sydney to Darwin. We'd be mightly obliged to see the sights. And I am hankering to try kayak sailing.

    I used to sail when I was young. We had a square stern canoe with a Flying Junior rig (mainsail AND jib), and that canoe hauled ass. Later I sailed in an Int'l 505 and then Hobie 16s, so I appreciate the skill and beauty of sailing. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. yes, pleasant video, interesting

  7. I like the combination of different camera angles.

  8. Have you posted something about the kind of setup you use for video? The results are awesome.
    I've found some posts about photo cameras but none about video. I believe I have read something about it in the comments somewhere, but the blog's search engine is of no help to find it again. Help! :-)

  9. GilCatt, send me an email so I can reply to you privately.


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