15 September 2010

Life Cycle_ a different view

In my previous life (that's before sea kayaking :-) I use to ride, a lot.
Living in Los Angeles I had access to one of the best riding terrain: the San Gabriel Mountains.
My passion was riding steep and rocky technical single-track trails.

old footage of a ride on one of my visits back to LA
Just as I now I own several kayaks, then I owned many mountain bikes.
I needed to ride regularly to escape from the oppressive urban environment I lived in.
That was then.
I still long for the all-day long rides I used to do with the A-Team (Adventure Team).
The riding terrain around my current locale is not as demanding nor as extensive as back in the old US and A.
I don't ride anymore.
Recently I came across this trailer for a bike movie.

Memories came flooding back...

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  1. Thanks for distracting me from my own blogs today with this! Especially your mountain biking footage! Entertaining and funny! Thanks. Nice Blue Merle Aussie! I've been hiking on trails in Canada that mountain bikers are coming down and wondering why they do this! I'd rather do it on foot or on horseback. I've lived in LA too and love hiking the California mountains, except for the mountain lion warnings at the trail heads. If you like bike stories, here's one I've just heard about and plan to check out. Kenk, the animated story of Canada's and the world's most notorious bicycle thief, Igor Kenk stole over 3,000 bikes! http://kenk.ca/videos/


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