14 August 2010

Committed to surfing.

On a recent trip I was joined by a sea kayaker that likes to mix up the fun: surfing is as important to him as sea kayaking.
While he is a good sea kayak surfer he also likes to surf with his surfboard.
Meet Adrian:
Adrian (c)
His passion for surfing goes back to his childhood.
Since he has moved to the South-East Queensland area he no longer lives right on the beach.
Surfing at the local spots at Gold or Sunshine coast does not bring him the experience that he once had when young.
He does not mind the surf, actually quite good; he laments the crowds that he has to share his waves with.
So he decided to experiment with combining a sea kayak trip with board surfing.
He rigged a special holder on the back of his kayak for his compact ultralight surf board.
surfboard transport (c)
The trip to one of his favorite non crowded spots took a few hours of paddling.
His board seemed well secured and posed no problems in the 15knots wind and small waves washing over the deck.
There was a slight increase in weather cocking but nothing a bit of skeg could not correct.
The reward however was worth it...
Adrian surfing_2 (c)
There was not a single other person in sight; and no jet skis either!

The waves were crowded nevertheless.
A large pod of dolphins wanted to share the same fun.

However all was good and no "turf wars" were sparked by Adrian's presence among the locals.
I stood on the rocks watching Adrian having fun, jealous of his skills.


  1. Although the great lakes are a great year-'round place to paddle, we rarely get those long waves on which to surf. In fact, few of us have developed the skills. So, I appreciate your posts and videos of all this. Good stuff.

  2. Hey Tell Adrian to grow his beard back and get a real boat for me Gnarly --We paddled together years ago with our kids the same age--Havent seen him in years


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