21 June 2010

Surfing with a stick

Defying popular belief that traditional paddles are just for show and really not suitable for rougher waters, I have been using Vanstix (Aleut paddles) for small surf fun for some time now.
through the surf with the stick_lg (c)

Van stick surfing (c)
Vanilla carving it with a Vanstix
Surfing with a traditional paddle: works for me...

reversing on wave (c)
Adventuretess with a 'Greg Schwarz' hollow core GP

here I am using a Black Stick by Greg Schwarz
brace turning (c)


  1. love it... great shots too, I only use a G paddle.
    can´t feel the water with the other ones (....probably because i never use them),any way I´m hooked.

  2. I agree, greenland paddles are perfect for rough water. I have a paddle which is 4" wide...well it works harder than any euro paddle (in my hands of course..can't say anythigh about other people technique). I use also one aleut but I find it less flowing when rolling.
    I do also some river surfing, G paddles are perfect also there.


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