03 February 2009

Snowy Mountains backpacking trip JAN09

It has been a few years since I have walked in the Australian Alps, not since the great bushfires.
I was concerned that one of my favourite destination has changed so much to make it unrecognizable.
The fires have effected the snowgum forests north of Schling Pass and the once lush groves of weather twisted trees are now just a place of ghostly greying trunks.
I will never be able to see those places in its full glory since the recovery will take longer than my life.
The few spots remaining where the fire did not singe everything are a real welcome.

The areas above tree line are however still in pretty good shape.
As long as you have confidence in your tent camping up high offers fantastic views and even those afternoon storms are enjoyable.

The flowers were blooming and covering entire fields.

Eventually the weather turned and the wind and clouds set in.

more images at www.flickr.com/gnarlydog

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